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Enlil, under orders from his father, King Anu, back again on Nibiru, expected to return to Nibiru With all the Nibirans he commanded and sufficient gold to powder into Nibiru’s environment to shield it from harmful dissipation.

Through a gateway Slash of one stone block, 1 reaches a platform supported by a next retaining wall of polygonal stones of a larger sizing. On 1 aspect, an extension of this wall turns into an enclosure with twelve trapezoid openings–two as doorways and 10 false Home windows.

“Experts now imagine Earth’s atmosphere reconstituted initially from gasses spewed out from wounded Earth. Clouds thrown up from these eruptions shielded Earth and it started to cool, the vaporized water condensed and arrived down in torrential rains. Oxidation of rocks and minerals offered the first reservoir of greater levels of oxygen on the planet; plant life additional both of those oxygen and carbon dioxide for the atmosphere and began the nitrogen cycle Using the support of bacteria.

On Mars, Nibirans manned a spaceport and lasered a monument to Alalu, one of their kings, who was exiled to Mars and died there.

Alexander achieved Babylon and rushed for the ziggurat temple to grasp the palms of Marduk as conquerors prior to him had completed. But Alexander observed Marduk’s lifeless body preserved in oils in his ziggurat.

The a few most important buildings rose from terraces that elevated them and leaned them in opposition to forty-foot higher outer western wall that ran 500 toes and encompassed the advanced on three sides and still left the website open up towards the river to the east side.

The Sumerian tale predicted Earth’s geo-capabilities. “During the aftermath from the Celestial Fight, Earth progressed into an unbiased Earth and attained The form of the globe dictated through the forces of gravity. Waters gathered to the cavity to the torn-off facet. Dry land appeared on the opposite side in the planet. Earth’s crust is 12 miles to forty five miles thick; but in sections taken up by oceans the crust is barely 3.5 miles thick.

Stonehenge options 30 upright stones, of which seventeen continue to be: “pairs of large upright stone blocks, Every single about 13 toes significant, linked at the best by a huge lintel stone to sort free-standing Trilithons erected in the semicircle, surrounded in turn by a large circle of similar giant stones related at the very best by lintels carved to type a constant ring around the paired uprights. Within this enormous stone ring, smaller stones (bluestones) from 250 miles away around land and two miles down the Avon River from southwestern Wales, of which 29 remain there, variety the Bluestone Circle outside the house the Trilithons as well as a bluestone semicircle.

to you might arrive. To a secure haven the boatguide will navigate you. By you shall the seed of Civilized Guy endure.

Ninurta restored Elilite electricity and enforced a century of peace for Sumer. Ninurta preset Sumer’s water procedure along with the controls Nergal builders discount experienced ruined in Babylon. Ninurta’s Kings in Lagash “prohibited abuse of official powers, ‘getting absent’ a widow’s donkey” and withholding working day-workers’ wages.

In summer season, when Abael’s meadows dried and his pastures shrunk, he drove his flocks “from the furrows and canals to drink. By this Ka-in builders design group was angered.”

Anzu stole Enlil’s Laptop or computer packages, disrupted his communications system and led the astronaut revolt against him. Enlil’s son Ninurta captured and executed Anzu.

I questioned Michael if he could draw an image on the gargoyle confront, but he told me he can’t draw whatsoever. I despatched him six or 7 photos that are in general public area and questioned him if any of these corresponds with what he noticed, and this is exactly what he told me about fig. 7

Ningishzidda organized too; he inscribed “historic wisdom on two excellent pillars and hid sacred objects and scrolls inside next page them. [Hauck,

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